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Eberle Hand Sanitizer is an 80% v/v solution of ethyl alcohol intended for use as a hand sanitizer and
antiseptic. Product is formulated using FDA, USP, and WHO recommended formulations and guidelines.
Eberle is providing this product with the FDA’s Temporary Approval for Compound Blending of Hand
Sanitizing Products During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. This product is safe for topical use on

According to FDA guidelines, this product is effective at killing viruses that are genetically related to, and
with similar physical properties, as the COVID-19 virus. This product is also effective at killing other
germs, bacteria and viruses in 15-30 seconds.

Based on World Health Organization recommendations, this product does not contain any thickeners,
dyes, fragrances, or other ingredients than those listed in the Drug Facts. This is to ensure maximum
effectiveness at eliminating bacteria, viruses and germs.


  • High-detergency, water-based, alkaline system cleaner

  • Universal, can be used in both synthetic and oil containing systems

  • Low use concentrations

  • Safe on all metals

  • In-process cleaning as well as full Dump, Clean, Recharge (DCR) applications

  • Safely and effectively removes inorganic, organic, and biological residues and deposits


  • 55 Gallon Drums 

  • 5 Gallon ‘Carboy’ pails with a 3/4" pour spout – Ideal for refilling gallons.

  • Cases of 4 x 1 gallon jugs with optional pump dispensing tops. – Ideal for filling secondary,“personal size” containers.

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